•   Wyoming Independent Living, Inc. (WIL) is a registered, private, non-profit agency, in existence to provide people with severe disabilities the opportunity to secure their highest possible level of personal independence. Independent Living services are consumer-oriented and individualized, based on Read More
  • Services to help people regain or maintain independence in their lives. To qualify you must have a disability that severely limits your ability to function independently on a daily basis. You must have a reasonable expectation that our services will Read More
  • Services for older adults who are blind or severely visually impaired. VIP services are consumer-oriented which mean you decide what you need to live independently and we help you achieve that independence. The VIP program helps the aging population of Read More
  • The Transportation Check Program is a system designed to assist people with disabilities in meeting their transportation needs. Eligible participants use assigned checks for the payment of fees or reimbursement of mileage to transportation providers. The Transportation provider then submits Read More
  • Partnerships to Independence Project Out is designed to assist individuals who are in a nursing facility and want to return to independent living within the community/or those individuals who are in imminent danger of going into a nursing facility. Project Read More
  • "To provide the option of obtaining personal attendant care services provided by an individual of the consumer's choice." Under the traditional system of home health care, individuals with significant disabilities are dependent upon the services provided by the medical model Read More
  • 1 Wyoming Independent Living, Advancing Independence & Dignity
  • 2 Independent Living Services, Helping people regain or maintain independence.
  • 3 Visually Impaired Program (VIP), You decide what you need!
  • 4 Transportation Check Program, Assisting with transportation needs.
  • 5 Project Out, To transition consumers from nursing homes back into communities.
  • 6 Self-Directed Care, Services provided by an individual of the consumer's choice.
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Wyoming Independent Living (WIL)

wil OUR MISSION: Advancing independence, dignity and a world without barriers where people with disabilities are empowered to participate fully in our communities and our individual life choices..

Contact Wyoming Independent Living

wilTo contact a specific counselor, please consult our staff roster.

To contact the administrative office call
1-800-735-8322 or 266-6956 (in Casper)

Wyoming Independent Living, Inc.
305 West 1st Street
Casper, Wy. 82601.

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Our Mission

Wyoming Independent Living (WIL) educates and empowers Wyoming Citizens with disabilities by providing the necessary tools to live with independence and dignity.


Our Programs

WIL offers programs ranging from Independent Living, Visually Impaired Services for persons who are 55 years of age and older, Consumer Directed Care, Project Out, Transportation Check Program and more.


Our Services

All services are provided on a "consumer-driven " basis. You decide what you need to live independently.


Wyoming Independent Living - Advancing Independence & Dignity


WIL Needs Volunteers

WIL Peer Volunteer Application

WIL Peer Volunteer Program Guidelines

Need Help with Transportation?

WyomingTransportationProviders.org - to help assist people in accessing travel options throughout Wyoming.


WIL News

WIL offices will be closed as follows:

  • Monday, February 20, Presidents Day
  • Monday, May 29, Memorial Day