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ADA Training and Technical Assistance

Advancing and promoting accessibility across eastern Wyoming.

Good Access Is Good Business

Did you know...


Over 55 million people in America have a disability.


People with disabilities have $175 billion in spending power.

Promoting Access Across Wyoming

WIL offers the following services:

  • On-site accessibility assessments.

  • Guidance for solutions and removing barriers.

  • Custom training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other accessibility related topics.

  • Valuable information to aid you in being as inclusive as possible.

  • Promotion and celebration of businesses via WY ACCESS.

Good Access Makes It Easy To:

  • Find your business.

  • Use your services.

  • Provide excellent customer care.

Good Access Benefits:

  • People Who Have Disabilities

  • Older Individuals

  • Caretakers of Young Children

  • Delivery People

  • Shoppers with Heavy Bags

  • Everyone!

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Ready to get started?  Want to learn more about how to make your business accessible?

Good access is easier than you think with WIL on your side.

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