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WIL Employment Opportunities

Interested in joining a dynamic team full of creative opportunities?  WIL is a mission-driven organization dedicated to providing a healthy, flexible work environment for all employees who choose to share their talents with our consumers and communities.

Quote Body

"I love that my team and program manager are so supportive of each other. The way we utilize each others' knowledge and strengths to in turn support our consumers is just awesome. It is truly rewarding when you can help someone change their mind about the limitations of their disability."  Jenna R, Casper 


"I like the organization's culture. There is a big emphasis on cultivating a collaborative environment where each member of the team is valued and respected and you feel that effort from management and staff."  Rachel S, Sheridan


"I love being able to be part of an organization and team where the main mission is to educate and empower individuals with disabilities to live life the way they want to live it."  Joell A, Cheyenne