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Advocacy & Peer Support

Advancing and protecting the civil rights of individuals and the disability community throughout Eastern Wyoming.

Envisioning a World Without Barriers

Develop your self-advocacy skills.
Apply for programs and services to maximize your independence.
Resolve issues related to equal access and disability rights.

Living with a disability is not just a matter of mastering physical and practical challenges...

Centers for Independent Living

  • Advocate for inclusive communities.
  • Provide technical assistance on ADA, fair housing, accessibility and civil rights.
  • Connect with state and local government on disability-related issues.
  • Influence policies related to disability services.
  • Develop leadership from within the disability community.

Connect With Your Peers

  • Share your experience and expertise.
  • Explore common barriers.
  • Create community.

By Joining Voices, We Can

  • Drive the services of Centers for Independent Living.
  • Establish priorities for disability issues.
  • Educate and increase awareness.
  • Respond to and reshape attitudes.

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